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Washington State University
Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine
Website URL:
Posted: 02/12/2020
Research Study Coordinator 1
Salary: 34,944 - 34,944

The Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine (ESFCOM) at Washington State University is embarking on the accreditation and development of a next generation medical school designed to train students to be physician leaders, who innovate, adapt and discover in an ever changing healthcare landscape. The School is now inviting applications for the position of Research Study Coordinator.

Coordinate and oversee the implementation of research studies and projects through community outreach, developing recruitment strategies by engaging participants, site staff, and community members in research in the Behavioral Health Innovations group. Monitor ongoing studies and projects to ensure protocols are met and address any issues. This position will also assist with data collection management, data security, and protocol adherence.

This position will work on projects including the assessment of individuals with drug and alcohol problems, mental health problems, contingency management interventions, community health focused research, database entry (REDCap), and data management.

This position will work closely with community partners, providers, and other WSU team members. This position will be responsible for recruiting and retaining study participants that meet the requirements of the study. Knowledge of human subjects regulations, policy, and procedures will also be utilized.



50% – Study Coordinator

  • Assists with the implementation of study protocol. Works closely with community site staff to collaborate and strategize coordination of the study. Builds relationships with communities and local resources to improve recruitment opportunities.
  • Collaborates with Principal Investigators (PIs) to monitor research studies to ensure that agreed upon procedures are being followed. Interpret policy and procedure to ensure compliance with all laws and rules. Address protocol deviation concerns immediately with supervisor. Strategizes and helps troubleshoot to correct problems. Escalates issues as needed to supervisor.
  • Prepares human subjects applications, consent forms, and amendments for institutional review board (IRB) review and approval. Assists with training to ensure that staff and PIs are aware of policy and procedure concerning human subjects.
  • Provides continuous review of research studies to ensure compliance with all laws, regulations, policy, and procedure that are associated with human subjects. Reports noncompliance issues immediately to supervisor. Also is responsible for managing reports to funders, data monitoring safety board, and community advisory boards.
  • Ensures that study materials and supplies are available to PIs. Assists with inventory and ordering as needed.
  • Serves as the primary contact for one or more study sites.

Participant Screening and Recruitment – 20%

  • Primary contact for all study participants and those that are interested in becoming a study participant.
  • Collaborates with community agencies. Maintains contact lists for community agencies and the services they provide. Refers study participants to these agencies as needed.
  • Reviews and screens interested participants. Ensures that all participants meet the needs of the study and are eligible for the study based on established protocols.
  • Recruits individuals to participate in research studies. Provides information about the study and what types of information/data will be collected from each individual. Informs all participants of data collection and storage/security measures that are in place to protect their privacy. Reviews and explains informed consent forms.
  • Collects data, conducts interviews, and administers psychological measures related to mental health and substance use. Collects urine and breath samples and performs analyses in applicable studies.
  • Travel, as needed, to study sites to assist with enrollment, resolve problems, and undertake support data dissemination efforts.
  • Administer study interventions.

15% – Data Management and Reporting

  • Gathers and inputs study data into database systems. Ensures accuracy in the recording of all data and works with applicable research sites to assure data integrity.
  • Manages research databases, troubleshooting, and requesting changes to the database when necessary. Pulls and analyzes data for reports.
  • Reviews and assesses study data to ensure adherence to study protocol. Collaborates with supervisor if protocols are not being met.
  • Develops data dictionaries and code books.
  • Coordinates data transfer, ensuring prompt transfer and data safety. Processes, tracks, and monitors incoming data.
  • Ensures all data is secure and remains confidential, reports breaches immediately.
  • Assists in writing posters and presentations for disseminating evaluation findings.
  • Assists in preparing progress reports to funders.


10% – Administrative and Grant Support

  • Monitors supply inventory for study periodically. Ensures study supplies are available and replenishes supplies, as needed.
  • Assists in setting up service contracts with vendors, as needed.
  • Coordinates payments to participants and billing procedures related to study visits.
  • Assists in the coordination of grant-related travel, purchases, and reimbursement requests. Assists with purchasing, including purchase requests, ordering, and reimbursements.
  • Schedules meetings with research partners.
  • Assists with other fiscal and administrative duties related to grants.

5% – Other

  • Other duties as assigned



Required: Two years of college level course work in a relevant academic area AND two years of experience as a Research Study Assistant OR equivalent education/experience.

Additional Requirements:

  • Experience recruiting study participants for research studies.
  • Ability to travel, including overnight, on occasion.
  • Must have valid driver license by the time of hire.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Evidence of strong interpersonal skills and competence communicating and working with health professionals, faculty members, researchers, and diverse groups within the general public.
  • Experience working with individuals experiencing mental health or addiction problems.