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Clemson University
South Carolina
Posted: 07/8/2021
Salary: $75,000.00 - $90,000.00 yearly

Clemson University

Job ID:105762

Location:Westinghouse Rd. 511

Full/Part Time:Full-Time



Manages all aspects of the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic (PPDC) labs including operations and assigned staff. Prioritize Regulatory samples and output efficiencies for all samples. Participate in and lead educational opportunities with citizens, clients, students, and stakeholders to promote the labs and make known their availability. Communicate effectively with all of the above groups. Maintain and seek funding for labs. Chair PPDC Advisory Committee and annual meetings to ensure labs are being evaluated annually for effectiveness and to identify areas for growth. Performs other duties as assigned.


30% - Essential - Supervise the lab staff and daily operation of the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic which includes the Molecular Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab. Directly supervise and/or manage all DPI lab and associated clinic staff to ensure completion of duties and proper representation of DPI and Clemson University. Oversee sample log-in and database entry, making sure that initial sample processing is handled properly and in a timely manner. Ensure that sample identifications are promptly delivered to appropriate specialists and that their replies are completed. Prepare or oversee preparation of diagnostic media according to protocol. Maintain supplies at adequate inventory levels, anticipating needs for reorders. Ensure that all equipment used in the clinic is maintained and functional. Oversee miscellaneous laboratory preparation activities. Ensure safety measures are met by everyone entering the laboratory.

30% - Essential - Perform plant problem diagnoses. Inspect all samples to be diagnosed for plant disease or other causes of plant problems and perform techniques or procedures to determine the cause while always giving priority to Regulatory samples. Identify microorganisms obtained from diseased specimens and write diagnoses. Conduct specialized diagnostic tests (i.e. Biolog, ELISA and PCR - real time and standard). If a problem can't be solved in the PPDC, determine proper specialist to whom sample should be forwarded and correlate specialist input with other pertinent information regarding the sample to finalize reply. Strive to complete diagnoses quickly, yet accurately. Work with PPDC cooperators to have all clinical samples completed within 7 days or less. Write and/or designate writing of diagnostic reports.

20% - Essential - Provide educational opportunities and disseminate information. Provide educational opportunities for County personnel and clients through use of standard responses that include information about causal agents and control as well as through the annual writing and issuance of the Annual Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic Report. In drafting of report, retrieve information from the clinic database and produce tables and graphs for visual aids. Answer phone and email inquiries. Photograph diseased specimens and causal agents for use in educational programs and publications. Provide training, as needed, for agents and master gardeners, students and other interested groups. Provide learning opportunities for students through Clemson class collaborations or in-lab special topic offerings.

15% - Essential - Maintain, pursue and develop funding opportunities for the labs. Continue annual grant submissions and meet all reporting requirements of existing grants, such as the Southern Plant Diagnostic Network grant. Annually discover grant opportunities and submit written grant proposals that will further the mission of the PPDC labs and support client industries in SC. Evaluate lab services offered and fees recovered for routine increases/decreases as demand requires. Collaborate with the Department of Plant Industry Assistant Director and Regulatory Services Director to develop regulation changes when needed for the labs to change fee structure or other structural components to stay in compliance with state law.

5% - Essential - Chair Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic (PPDC) Advisory Committee with the Goal to make improvements to the PPDC for the ultimate benefit of its clientele and cooperators. Meet at least annually to improve the PPDC, addressing issues including: a) Look at type sample over time and determine what type samples are most often received and when; and who are our most often used specialist and what is their/our response time. b) Work with CU specialist and other laboratory staff to develop and keep SOPs for the PPDC. c) Send customer service surveys periodically to our clients asking for feedback. d) Manage list of contributors to keep response times short. e.) Discuss policy and problems experienced with protocols. f.) Assess the PPDC;s successfulness.


Education - Master's Degree in Plant Pathology or closely related field of study
Experience - 3+ years


Education - Doctoral/Professional Degree in Plant Pathology or closely related field of study
Experience - 5+ years


Firm Job Knowledge - Firm working knowledge of concepts, practices and procedures and ability to use in varied situations

Supervises Work of Others - Supervises work of others and may offer recommendations for hiring, termination and pay adjustments but does not have responsibility for making these decisions.

No Budget Responsibilities - No fiscal responsibility for the department's budget.


Education - Doctoral/Professional Degree in Plant Pathology or closely related field of study
Experience - 5+ years


Chemical hazards


Standard Hrs: 37.5; Expected Salary: $75,000.00-$90,000.00 (compensation commensurate with education and experience)


Clemson, SC


July 13, 2021


Clemson University is an AA/EEO employer and does not discriminate against any person or group on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, pregnancy, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status or genetic information. Clemson University is building a culturally diverse faculty and staff committed to working in a multicultural environment and encourages applications from minorities and women.

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