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  • Progressive Farmer

    Ag Research Spending and the Farm Bill

    Everyone in Congress loves “cutting-edge” agricultural research, they just don’t pay for it very well. The result is that dollar for dollar, U.S. agricultural research spending actually declined over the past decade while China, the European Union, India and Brazil — among others — have increased their investments in agricultural research dollars. Groups committed to […]

  • Chemical & Engineering News

    Science ranks high in Biden’s 2024 budget plan

    Investment in climate science and clean energy technologies made it to the top of President Joe Biden’s priorities in his budget plan for fiscal 2024, which begins Oct. 1. Basic scientific research, environmental justice, and agricultural innovation also got big nods.

  • Inside Higher Ed

    Biden’s Budget Calls for a Pell Increase

    President Biden is seeking a third increase to the annual Pell Grant, of $820, as part of his budget request to Congress, which was unveiled Thursday. Department officials said the budget proposal, which is for fiscal year 2024 beginning Oct. 1, would help build a higher education system that grows the middle class, drives the […]

  • Inside Higher Ed

    Foxx Backs Stronger Oversight

    Representative Virginia Foxx is planning to leverage the decline in public perception of higher education to usher in a new era of stronger accountability for the nation’s colleges and universities in her role as chairwoman of the House education committee.

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