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  • Chronicle of Higher Education

    Americans Value Good Teaching

    Sometime after the spring of their sophomore year of high school, the mailboxes of college-bound teenagers begin filling with college brochures. Alongside scenic photos and smiling faces, these glossy pamphlets brag about low student-faculty ratios, small class sizes, and state-of-the-art classrooms. They promise dynamic teaching, caring professors, expanded horizons.

  • Inside Higher Ed

    With Budget Battles Looming in Congress, Prospects for Higher Ed Reforms Don’t Look Bright

    In more normal political times, higher education advocates, experts and lobbyists might be expecting to see progress on a number of issues once Congress returns from its August recess. They’d be optimistic, for starters, about the prospects for doubling the maximum Pell Grant award for students, expanding Pell to cover short-term programs like job training…

  • Science Magazine

    As shutdown looms, will U.S. Congress cut spending and restrict research?

    A flat budget isn’t something that scientists typically welcome. But for the U.S. research community, that’s the best-case scenario in the short run as Congress returns this month from its summer recess and tries to agree on spending levels for the 2024 fiscal year that begins on 1 October. The government could shut down if…

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