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  • Science Magazine

    Ready, Set, Share!

    Physiologist Alejandro Caicedo of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is preparing a grant proposal to the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). He is feeling unusually stressed because of a new requirement that takes effect today. Along with his research idea, to study why islet cells in the pancreas stop making insulin […]

  • Inside Higher Ed

    Lame Duck Agenda

    In the final month of the 117th Congress, lawmakers are hoping to pass an appropriations bill to fund the government for the fiscal year, codify protections for same-sex and interracial marriages, and push through the annual defense reauthorization bill, among other priorities.

  • Nature

    US mid-term elections: 3 ways science is on the line

    US voters head to the polls tomorrow to choose their representatives for Congress, and the results could have consequences for the science agenda laid out by President Joe Biden and his Democratic party. With recent polling favouring Republicans to take control of the House of Representatives and perhaps the Senate, researchers are anticipating reductions in […]

  • Denver Post

    How to Transform Higher Education for a Post-Pandemic World

    Ask Americans about the most important reasons for attending college, and the top considerations they cite are jobs, jobs, and jobs. While there is much to value in the traditional college experience, for the vast majority of students, it comes down to getting a degree that leads to a professionally and financially rewarding job. The […]

  • Inside Higher Ed

    New Boyer Commission Report Emphasizes Equity

    A comprehensive new report by the Boyer 2030 Commission, an accomplished group of research university presidents and higher education leaders, argues that research universities must make equity as central to undergraduate education as excellence.

  • Diverse Education

    Boyer 2030 Commission Puts Out Recommendations for Improving Equity and Student Success at Research Universities

    The Boyer 2030 Commission has published a report for advancing equity, student success, and excellence in undergraduate education at U.S. research universities to address persistent equity gaps in undergrad educational outcomes.

  • Chronicle of Higher Education

    Excellence in Undergraduate Education Must Include Equity, Says Influential Group

    Is undergraduate education about setting a bar and rewarding the students who can reach it, or providing the support needed for all students to succeed? A new report by leaders of major U.S. research universities and higher-education organizations comes down solidly on the side of equity. In doing so the authors disavow long-held, if increasingly […]

  • Higher Ed Dive

    Biden administration moves to solidify DACA in federal regulations

    DACA and similar federal policies covering unauthorized immigrants have long been important to college leaders because they often protect current or prospective college students. Students covered by DACA cannot access federal financial aid programs, but they may qualify for in-state tuition or state financial aid programs.

  • PBS

    How higher ed is trying to improve student performance with data

    When information-technology and higher-education leaders reunited in Philadelphia in October 2021 for the first in-person Educause conference in two years, buzzwords floated around the panel rooms: “Data analytics.” “Data-informed” action. “Innovation.”

  • Military Times

    Plan to ease GI Bill reporting rules for colleges signed into law

    President Joe Biden on Friday signed into law a measure to ease reporting requirements for GI Bill benefits at schools, an effort supporters say will help schools focus their resources less on bureaucratic paperwork and more on helping student veterans.

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