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Launched in November 2018, Powered by Publics is a national effort bringing together nearly 125 public universities committed to collaborating, innovating, and scaling new ideas that tackle the most common barriers to student success so universities can collectively close the higher education equity gap and increase graduation levels, particularly among underrepresented minority, low-income, first-generation students.

Working within “transformation clusters,” participating universities are tackling different student success challenges to implement innovative and effective practices in the thematic areas of Affordability, Teaching and Learning, and Holistic Student Supports to advance student success on their campuses. The Powered by Publics Advisory Council provides expert guidance to clusters in the initiative.

In pursuit of the participating institutions’ commitment to share key data, learning, and effective practices across the higher education sector, Powered by Publics annually collects university-level data that help the project’s leaders better understand the collective progress in supporting student success for specific groups of students. Participating institutions can submit their data here.

To accelerate and deepen transformation in higher education, APLU has invested in a representative group of 16 universities from across the Powered by Publics network of clusters. These institutions are engaging in an in-depth institutional needs assessment that goes beyond innovating in just one area such as affordability, sharing student success data, and receiving targeted professional development and technical assistance based on needs in advising, college readiness policy and practice, and digital learning. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the effort. Learn more about this work.

Robust data infrastructure and a culture of evidence is at the heart of improving student success and advancing equity. That’s why APLU’s Powered by Publics (PxP) initiative, in collaboration with the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) and with financial support, has launched a Data Literacy Institute. The project targets a network of Powered by Publics institutions to bring together cross-departmental teams for the purpose of enhancing the use of data to improve equitable student outcomes. Learn more about this work.

Featured Project & Initiative

The Data Literacy Institute – a partnership between APLU and the Association for Institutional Research with funding from Ascendium – brings together cross-departmental teams from 11 Powered by Publics institutions from Cluster 14 to engage in training that enhance their use of data to improve equitable student outcomes. In May 2022, Powered by Publics held […]

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