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Intermediaries for Scale

To accelerate and deepen transformation in higher education, APLU has invested in a representative group of 16 universities from across the Powered by Publics network of clusters. These institutions are engaging in an in-depth institutional needs assessment, sharing student success data, and receiving targeted professional development and technical assistance based on needs in advising, college readiness policy and practice, and digital learning. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the effort.

The institutions participating in the effort are: University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff; Clemson University; Illinois State University; Ohio University; Middle Tennessee State University; Montana State University; New Mexico State University; University of New Orleans; New Jersey Institute of Technology; Rutgers University-Newark; University of South Alabama; Texas Tech University; Tuskegee University; Virginia Commonwealth University; Western Michigan University; University of Wyoming.

APLU is one of 13 leading higher education organizations to receive funding through the Foundation’s Intermediaries for Scale investment program. These organizations are working together and with institutions across the country to identify and scale effective practices to increase equitable student success and degree completion. This project is designed to build upon and complement existing work Powered by Publics institutions are undertaking to increase college access, eliminate the achievement gap, and increase degree completion. Throughout this process, APLU will actively share what it is learning across the Powered by Publics community.

Featured Project & Initiative

The Data Literacy Institute – a partnership between APLU and the Association for Institutional Research with funding from Ascendium – brings together cross-departmental teams from 11 Powered by Publics institutions from Cluster 14 to engage in training that enhance their use of data to improve equitable student outcomes. In May 2022, Powered by Publics held […]

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2022 APLU Annual Report