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Postsecondary Data Partnership

Intermediaries for Scale institutions will submit data to the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP). The PDP is a national effort helping colleges and universities gain a fuller picture of student progress and outcomes, meet various reporting requirements, and identify where to focus their resources.

Through the PDP, institutions will receive interactive dashboards that deliver early momentum metrics and student outcomes by cohort, cohort term, age, race, gender, Pell Grant status, Grade Point Average, first-generation-student status, and more to gauge the effectiveness of institutional support. The PDP also benchmarks institutions against peer institutions in these areas.

Participating in the PDP
APLU is committed to working with the IFS institutions to ensure a successful Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) engagement. The PDP will take between 40 and 80 hours of work. Questions may arise in understanding the data definitions or mapping data elements to data sources. APLU will provide assistance in completing the data preparation and submission. To support you, we offer the following services:

APLU delivered a webinar on the PDP in late February. View a recording of the webinar; slides from the session here.

To receive technical assistance APLU will offer office hours every other Thursday from March 3rd-March 31st from 1-2pm ET. To get the link for office hours and ask any questions related to the PDP, you may email us at PDPsupport@aplu.org.

Click here to view a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the Postsecondary Data Partnership Process. Click here for a data submission checklist.

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