Our Work

Program Goals

The grant program set a goal of achieving adaptive courseware use in a minimum of 15-20% general education course enrollments at participating institutions within the three-year program term (Spring 2017-Spring 2020), equating to over 85,000 enrollments. The adaptive courseware adoption plans at grantee institutions should provide a disproportionate impact for disadvantaged learners and follow these guidelines:

  • Concentrate on general education (100- and 200-level) courses for credit
  • Be delivered primarily in blended learning environments
  • Include multiple high-enrollment courses and/or high D/F/W courses
  • Engage multiple disciplines/departments including physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences and the humanities
  • Demonstrate commitment to faculty development and sustained engagement with serious review of teaching and learning in the general education curriculum and, as part of this effort, scaled deployment of high-quality adaptive courseware from approved suppliers
  • Connect to other institution-wide improvement initiatives with chancellor-level and provost-level leadership and engagement