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Proceedings of the 5th Annual MTE-Partnership Conference

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The MTE-Partnership Story as Revealed through Its Conferences: An Overview of the Partnership and Its 2016 Conference
W. Gary Martin & Howard Gobstein – MTE-Partnership Co-directors

Overview of the Conference
Brian R. Lawler, Robert N. Ronau, & Margaret J. Mohr-Schroeder

Pre-Session on Equity and Social Justice
Brian R. Lawler & Marilyn Strutchens

A Deeper Dive into Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles and Measures
Marilyn Strutchens with Michele Iiams, Ruthmae Sears, & Mark Ellis

Pathways to Program Improvement
Margaret J. Mohr-Schroeder with Mark Ellis, De Vonne Smalls, Wendy M. Smith, & Robin Hill

MTE-Partnership Conference Reactants
Brian R. Lawler for Karen King, Diana Suddreth, & W. James Lewis

Building a common vision and/or partnerships across stakeholders

Existing Mathematics Teaching Practices at an HBCU: Foundations for Teacher Preparation
Lauretta Garrett & Ana Tameru

Developing Middle School Preservice Teachers Knowledge of Number and Operations
Ruthmae Sears & Fernando Burgos

Mobilizing Efforts of the MTE-P Hui
Linda Venenciano & Dan Doerger

Mathematical content knowledge (including mathematical knowledge for teaching)

A Deeper Look at a Calculus I Activity
Lance Burger

Teaching College Geometry using Geometry MODULE(S2)
Lipika Deka

Geometry Teaching Knowledge: A Comparison Between Pre-Service and High School Geometry Teachers
Shawnda Smith

Knowledge and use of educational practices

Repurposing the MCOP2 Observation Protocol to Survey Students’ Views of an Active Learning Course Redesign
Janet Bowers & Wendy M. Smith

Active Learning Mathematics at the University of Nebraska
Wendy M. Smith

Using the MCOP2 as a Grade Bearing Assessment of Clinical Field Observations
Jeremy Zelkowski & Jim Gleason

Clinical experiences (including support for mentor teachers)

Variability in Clinical Experiences across the California State Universities
Stephanie Biagetti & Jennifer Oloff-Lewis

Using Improvement Science to Increase Mathematical Learning through Co-Planning and Co-Teaching
Patti Brosnan & Ruthmae Sears

Co-Planning Strategies to Support Intern Development
Charity Cayton & Maureen Grady

Recruitment and retention of teacher candidates

Support Systems of Early Career Secondary Mathematics Teachers
James Martinez, Megan Taylor, & Lisa Amick

CSU Chico Program RISE: Analysis of the First Recruitment Cycle
Cheryl Ordorica

Comparing Noyce Scholars’ Decisions to Teach and Perspectives on Teaching to non-Noyce Scholars
Jennifer Whitfield

From Improvement to Transformation
Brian R. Lawler, Robert N. Ronau, & Margaret J. Mohr-Schroeder

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