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Proceedings of the 6th Annual MTE-Partnership Conference

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Clinical Experiences
Marilyn Strutchens, Ruthmae Sears, Jeremy Zelkowski & Mark W. Ellis

Actively Learning in Mathematics Research Action Cluster (ALM RAC)
Wendy M. Smith & David Webb

MODULE(S2) RAC Report: Blending Content and Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching in Mathematics
Alyson Lischka & Emina Alibegovic

Program Recruitment and Retention (PR2) Conference Working Group Report
Julie McNamara, Dana Franz & Maria Fernandez

Secondary Teacher Retention in Induction in Diverse Educational Settings (STRIDES)
Megan Taylor, James Martinez & Lisa Amick

Equity & Social Justice Working Group
Brian R. Lawler & Frederick Uy

Transformations Working Group
W. Gary Martin & the Transformations Working Group