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Phase II Partners

In January 2018, APLU announced the expansion of SEMINAL to include nine new universities – bringing the total number institutions involved in the effort to 12. The nine new universities will join the three core institutions – San Diego State University, University of Colorado Boulder, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln – to form a diverse cohort of institutions aiming to study how to enact and support institutional change fostering the use of active learning in mathematics. The universities joining the effort were selected from a pool of 47 institutions that submitted proposals and will serve as models for a national push to reform introductory math instruction. Given significant university interest in joining the active learning project, SEMINAL will seek ways to engage a broader network of universities in the future.

The nine institutions are:

The institutions were selected through a rigorous peer review process examining the merit of proposals as well as institutional characteristics including type, size, location, and attributes of the student body. SEMINAL was initiated through, and continues to align with, the APLU Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (MTEP) – building on earlier funding from the Helmsley Charitable Trust. APLU is also working to increase underrepresented minority participation in the STEM fields through its APLU INCLUDES effort, which aims to diversify STEM faculty.