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Momentive: IEP Designation and Awards Software

Beginning with the 2022 IEP Awards Application Cycle and May 2022 Designation Application Cycle, the APLU IEP team implemented a new online software to house all applications and reviews. The online software is Momentive through Survey Monkey Apply. Both designation and award applications will be submitted through Momentive.

The APLU IEP software can be accessed using this URL, 

The APLU IEP Team put together a pamphlet, linked here, to provide a brief tutorial for campus contacts ahead of IEP Designation and Awards application submission periods.

The APLU IEP hosted two virtual trainings in late March 2022 to walk campus contacts through the software live and answer any questions ahead of IEP Awards and Designation application submission deadlines. The recording can be found here.

If you are a previous reviewer or interested in becoming an IEP Designation or Awards reviewer, please reach out to the to receive Momentive training materials. 


  • Is there a fee to use the IEP software to submit an application on behalf of
    my institution?
    There is no fee. Any campus contact can create an account and submit an application.
  • Can an institution submit more than one application?
    An institution can only submit one application during the IEP designation cycle. There are three cycles each year, February, May, and August. However, an institution may submit more than one IEP Awards application each year. There is one IEP Awards submission deadline of April 29, 2022.
  • Is it true only one person per institution can edit and submit an application?
    No. Each institution should designate a “lead” to create the application under their account. The “lead” can add collaborators in the software and grant the collaborators “view” and/or “edit” access.
  • Is there a strict deadline for application submission?
    Yes. The deadline is EOD PT, or 2:59 am ET. For example, the 2022 IEP Awards application cycle closes on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 2:59am ET. This accommodates all PST submissions.
  • I am a “lead” contact for my institution and I have questions in preparation of submitting an IEP application. Who do I contact?
    The APLU IEP team is available to meet with any institution 1-on-1. Please use this link to submit your availability. We are also available by email at
  • How long will it take to receive a decision and/or comments or be notified if my IEP Awards application is a finalist? 
    It takes roughly 8-9 weeks for volunteer reviewers to thoroughly review an institutions application and leave detailed comments. IEP Award finalists will be announced at the 2022 CECE Summer Meeting and winners will be announced at the 2022 APLU Annual Meeting.

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