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IEP Campus Contacts

IEP Campus Contacts

What are IEP Campus Contacts?

APLU requests each campus participating in the IEP (either pursuing the designation or current designees) maintain two points of contact to represent your institution in the program. Campus contacts are integral to the Innovation & Economic Prosperity Universities Program. These two primary points of contact receive all communications from APLU regarding the institution’s participation in the IEP Universities Program. When pursuing the designation, the contacts co-lead the campus IEP application team and application process. Once designated, these individuals represent the institution in the program and receive all pertinent communications and opportunities to engage including annual award opportunities.


What is the roles and responsibilities of IEP Campus Contacts?

All roles, responsibilities, and many frequently asked questions are addressed in this Frequently Asked Questions document. New campus contacts must verify that they have reviewed this FAQs document in its entirety. 


Who are our IEP Campus Contacts and how do we change them?

IEP contacts may be changed or added by completing this google form. If you’re not sure who is representing your institution in the program, please reach out to the APLU IEP Team at New Campus Contacts are encouraged to get in touch with APLU staff to onboard into their new roles. 

Featured Project & Initiative

Economic Development & Engagement
A set of core ideas to help universities focus efforts not only on telling their economic engagement story well, but also growing, improving, and advancing their economic engagement enterprise and thereby accelerating economic development in their regions, nationally, and globally.

Featured Project & Initiative

Courtesy of North Carolina State University
Economic Development & Engagement
Education for employment upon graduation is important, but a four-year degree should also put graduates in a better position to adapt as employment requirements change throughout their careers.

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