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The IEP Universities designation program is designed to be a reflective and collaborative learning process. The program emphasizes the "journey" versus just the destination. To that end, many institutional leaders and their partners from industry, government, and the community have derived a diverse array of outcomes and lessons learned from their IEP process. These outcomes and lessons have led to the strengthening of strategy, practice, and appreciation for university-based economic and community development across "talent, innovation, and place."

In addition to APLU op-eds, commentary, and speaking engagements, this blog serves as a platform for APLU staff and IEP leaders to uplift and share their share their findings with APLU members, partners, and the higher education-economic development community at large. 

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Featured Project & Initiative

Economic Development & Engagement
A set of core ideas to help universities focus efforts not only on telling their economic engagement story well, but also growing, improving, and advancing their economic engagement enterprise and thereby accelerating economic development in their regions, nationally, and globally.

Featured Project & Initiative

Courtesy of North Carolina State University
Economic Development & Engagement
Education for employment upon graduation is important, but a four-year degree should also put graduates in a better position to adapt as employment requirements change throughout their careers.

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