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Alvaro Muñiz
Director, International, Community, and Economic Engagement

Caydan Henslee
Associate, International, Community, and Economic Engagement

IEP Campus Contacts

The IEP Team requests each institution participating in the IEP Designation Program, either pursuing or currently designated, maintain two points of contact to represent your institution throughout the program. These two primary points of contact receive all communications from APLU regarding the institution’s participation in the IEP Designation Program. When a part of the program the contacts co-lead the campus IEP team through the application process and 5-Year Extension process. Once designated, these individuals represent the institution in the program and receive all pertinent communications and opportunities to engage including annual award opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities of IEP Campus Contacts: Frequently Asked Questions

Characteristics of IEP Campus Contacts:

  • University administrator
  • Institutional level portfolio/responsibility for economic engagemnet
  • Recommended: support of an access to senior leadership
  • Holds position on campus focused on at least one area of economic engagement
    • Talent
    • Innovation
    • Place
  • Strong interest/understanding of entire campus’s economic engagement enterprise
  • Willing to engage with on and off-campus stakeholders involved in the economic engagement enterprise
  • Co-lead campus’ IEP team and process
  • Coordinate with APLU staff throughout the designation process
    • participate in monthly IEP webinars
  • Should be able to attend APLU’s annual IEP Summit (at the Summer Meeting)
  • Attend APLU Annual Meeting at least once while serving as a campus contact – ideally
  • Receive all communications from APLU regarding the status as an IEP Designee
    • IEP award details
    • Opportunities for learning/sharing economic engagement best practices
    • Special invitations to participate in events in Washington, DC, or during APLU conferences
    • Requests for help identifying campus representatives for APLU meetings, projects, and initiatives
    • Details regarding the institution’s 5-Year Extension
  • YES
  • IEP Campus Contacts work closely with APLU staff, their counterparts at otherinstitutions, and national leaders throughout and beyond the designation process. Many IEP Campus Contacts have gone on to serve in leadership roles within:
    • APLU’s Commission on Economic and Community Engagement
    • APLU’s Council on Research
    • Other member bodies
  • Often called upon to speak at APLU conferences, participate in studies or projects, and other special opportunities
  • First identified in the letter of intent sent from an institution’s President/Chancellor/Rector to APLU’s President
  • Contacts are encouraged to engage and inform other senior leadership in the IEP Campus Contact selection process
    • Helps selected individuals be better positioned to carry out IEP tasks regardless of the institution’s reporting structure
  • Institutions may change IEP Campus Contact at any time, just fill out this form
  • Contact or schedule a call with an IEP team member if necessary
  • IEP Campus Contacts should be responsible for passing along pertinent background information or institutional history to the new contacts
  • Individuals new to the IEP Program should also consider:
  • NO
  • There are no operational differences between the roles
    • Both contacts will receive all communications regarding the IEP Universities Program from APLU
  • APLU requests two individuals to ensure a smooth designation process and a smooth transition in case of sudden staff changes on campus
  • Unless otherwise specified, YES
  • Anyone who may benefit from the exchange of economic engagement ideas is welcome to join:
    • IEP related gatherings
    • Webinars
    • Discussion forums
    • Meetings/events
  • YES
  • Applicants are encouraged to convene a cross campus multi profession team to develop their applications for pursuing designation, awards, etc.
  • Only IEP Campus Contacts will receive communication from APLU regarding the awards program
  • Reminder: Only APLU member IEP Designees may compete for IEP Awards

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