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Alvaro Muñiz
Director, International, Community, and Economic Engagement

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Associate, International, Community, and Economic Engagement

Apply for IEP Awards

IEP Connections Award Winner, University of Cincinnati with President Joan Gabel
IEP Connections Award winner, University of Cincinnati, with President Joan Gabel, 2023 CECE Chair, at APLU Annual Meeting

Once an APLU member institution has earned the IEP Designation, it is then eligible to compete for annual IEP awards. Whereas the IEP designation signals that an institution has demonstrated a substantial, sustainable, and campus-wide commitment to regional economic and community development, IEP Awards recognize specific projects, programs, and initiatives in economic engagement.

IEP Award Categories:

Talent Award: given for excellence in education and workforce development that help prepare students for jobs, careers, and a lifetime.

Innovation Award: given for excellence in innovation, and technology-based economic development, or entrepreneurship that all fuel the innovation economy

Place Award: given for excellence in public service, outreach and extension, and community engagement that contribute to social, cultural, or community development and the stewardship of place

Connections Award: the top award in the competition – given for exemplary overall economic engagement and, most importantly, the demonstration that the institution is linking, leveraging and connecting across efforts in Talent, Innovation, and Place. Judges select a Connections Award winner from entries to all three award categories, identifying a submission that transcends submission categories and demonstrates connections between and among at least two of the categories of Talent, Innovation, and Place.

APLU IEP Award Application Process:

1. Learn more about applying for IEP Awards by reviewing the IEP Award Submission Guidelines

2. Complete the APLU IEP Awards Intent Form

3. Create a Momentive account using the step-by-step instructions from the Momentive Tutorial pamphlet

  • All award applications will be submitted through the Momentive Software. You may use this link to access the software
  • If you have any questions regarding the system, refer to the Momentive page of the APLU website

6. Complete and submit your IEP Award Application in your specific category by April 14, 2023

Questions may be directed to the APLU IEP Team at iep@aplu.org

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