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Alvaro Muñiz
Director, International, Community, and Economic Engagement

Expert Education Team (EET) Biographies

Associate Professor and 
Director of Graduate Studies
for Manufacturing Systems
Associate Professor and Site
Director, Center for Advanced
Non-Ferrous Structural
Alloys, Colorado School
of Mines
Executive Director/Principal
Investigator for the National
Resource Center for
Materials Technology
Education (MatEdU)
Associate Professor of
Mechanical, Aerospace,
and Biomedical Engineering
University of Tennessee
Assistant Professor, 
Mechanical and
Manufacturing Engineering
Miami (Ohio) University
Professor and Director
Electric-Drive Vehicle
Engineering and Alternative
Energy Technology, Wayne
State University
Kapil Chalil
Assistant Professor, 
Departments of Industrial
& Civil Engineering,
Clemson University
Dean of Engineering,
Business, and Information
Technologies, Lorain County
Community College
Senior Vice President
for the National Center
for Manufacturing Sciences
APLU Vice President for
Economic Development and
Community Engagement