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Advances in technology are rapidly changing the way systems and individuals interact, impacting many of our day-to-day activities in our professional and personal lives. Postsecondary education is not exempt – technology is transforming how students access information and learn, with significant potential for impact on student success in higher education and beyond. The Personalized Learning Consortium (PLC) is a membership organization that was founded to help public universities seize new opportunities to use technology to improve learning outcomes for students through personalization. Now in its seventh year, the consortium of 16 institutions has led projects focused on improved student learning outcomes, in particular for traditionally underserved students, through practice changes supported by the use of adaptive learning technologies and integrated advising and student support initiatives. PLC membership is open to all public institutions that are interested in collaboration to support improving student success through personalized learning.

The PLC was founded in 2013 to offer participating APLU institutions with opportunities and resources to improve their understanding and application of personalized learning using technology. Members cooperate to share experiences and expertise, identify promising and trustworthy vendors and partners, influence data practices, and organize multi-institutional projects that benefit from scale and community. 
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The 16 institutions in the PLC serve more than 550,000 students annually. As leading public universities from across the US, the personalized learning choices by consortium members influence the course curricula, digital courseware adoption, and advising strategies of the community colleges and four-year colleges in their regions.
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Finding ways to decrease costs while delivering high quality and personalized education to an expanded and more diverse student body demands that public higher education embrace new models for learning and advising. Through generous grant funding, the PLC is currently focused on two programs that support member institutions to implement adaptive courseware to advance personalized learning and improve student learning outcomes at the general education level and among students that have been traditionally underserved in higher education.

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