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Adult Learner's Toolkit

Adult Learners, many of them transferring from two-year colleges, present challenges for institutions attuned to working with more traditional students.  The Adult Learners Working Group comprised of administrators and faculty from Portland State University and the University of Akron engaged in Collaborating for Change met to discuss the issues, make recommendations, and share tools. 

Faculty Engagement

Improving student success pathways to achieve higher retention and graduation rates in higher education requires multifaceted approaches.  Faculty members play a central role in developing and advancing these pathways. Working groups comprised of faculty members and administrators supporting the Collaborating for Change initiative explored diverse student success issues and strategies related to faculty engagement and rewards, technology usage, financial indicators of student success, and eliminating barriers to degree completion. These Leadership Briefs highlight their findings and recommendations

Graphic Recordings

Graphic Recordings combine illustration and note taking to create a unique collaborative product. The meeting facilitator, group participants, and an artist visually attuned to the conversations, collaborate to document a meeting.  The result is a visual map allowing participants to literally "see" their conversations.

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