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Projects & Initiatives

University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago's transformation planning process emphasized campus-wide awareness of and the centralization of student success. Transformations reaffirmed the institution's commitment to access and inspired transparent strategies to facilitate departmental buy-in, sustainability, and formalized partnerships within the greater Chicago community.

Transformation Highlights:

Academic Pathways:

University of Illinois at Chicago’s transformational work partially focuses on transforming and improving the academic pathways into the university.  More specifically, the university has formalized a set of relationships with community non-profit organizations to provide additional support and mentoring throughout students’ transition from high school to college.  Aptly called a Transition Coaching program, UIC has centralized services and information provided to external community organizations to better support the accuracy and flow of college-related information to newly enrolled students, many of whom are underserved.

In an effort to further inspire and incubate innovations on campus, UIC developed a student success plan.  Supported through the Office of Project Management for the Student Success Initiatives, this plan provides a formalized and organized approach to developing, tracking, and assessing student success related interventions and projects.  The project management framework has transformed a relatively decentralized, large university to operate in a more centralized, cost-efficient fashion.

A more detailed overview of UIC's transformational work may be accessed here.

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