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The 2017 HBCU Summit

Jun 7, 2017 - Jun 9, 2017
All Day

Creating a Culture of Student Success through Team-Based Solutions

Summit Overview

The 2017 HBCU Summit featured innovative strategies to promote student success, which relied on the creative input of a cross section of institutional leaders. The 2017 HBCU Summit invited attendees to participate in team-based action planning around student success. Representative teams from institutions, including presidents, deans, student affairs administrators, institutional researchers, senior faculty, and newly appointed senior leaders, worked together to define and refine a shared goals related to student success. They identify related tasks, assigned roles, needed communications, resources, and accountability structures to implement their plan successfully. Attendees also had the opportunity to present existing innovative projects. Finally, attendees heard from leaders in the philanthropic community on their top higher education issues.

Summit Objectives

  • Define characteristics that promote sustainable student success programs.
  • Refine existing program strategies to promote greater success, sustainability, and team integration.
  • Identify tools and strategies needed to develop grant proposals and to compete effectively in national grant solicitations.