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Projects & Initiatives


APLU, through the Boards on Agriculture Assembly (BAA), Natural Resources (BNR), and Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate (BOAC), works to increase federal funding for research and outreach on water resources issues. The Boards also push for greater federal coordination on water resources. 

  • Board on Agriculture Assembly's National Initiative on the Improvement of U.S. Water Security

    Many important challenges exist for managing and protecting our water resources that can, and must, be addressed by our Land-grant Universities (LGUs). To develop a strategy for enhancing how LGUs can help USDA, the Board on Agriculture Assembly created an ad hoc national Working Group on Water Resources which developed recommendations and an executive summary for how to best address U.S. Water Security following the LGU tripartite mission of research, education and Extension. 

  • Water Resources Research Institutes

    APLU provides continued federal advocacy support for the Water Resources Research Institutes (WRRI). As stated in the USGS Budget Justifications for FY2016, the WRRI promote "State, tribal, regional and national coordination of water resources research, training, and information and technology transfer. The Water Institutes have developed a constituency and a program that far exceeds that supported by their direct Federal appropriations." 

  • Natural Resources Roadmap

    The Board on Natural Resources in coordinationa with the Board on Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate authored the Science, Education, and Outreach Roadmap for Natural Resources to provide guidance for policy makers in strategic planning and investment.The second chapter of this Roadmap focuses entirely on water.