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University of Wisconsin Madison
Powered by Publics

Julia Michaels
Executive Director
Center for Public
University Transformation
(202) 478-6071

Media Contact:
Mike Brost
Associate Director
of Public Affairs

(202) 478-6038


With its partners, APLU is reviewing the needs of participating institutions to identify needs and ultimately deliver student-centered support in areas such as advising, college readiness policy and practice, and digital learning.

Institutional Transformation Assessment
Each institution participating in the effort will complete an Institutional Transformation Assessment (ITA). The ITA is a web-based perception-gathering tool that helps universities understand institutional strengths and areas for improvement with the goal of building capacity to better support students on campus and develop an action plan for reaching the institution’s student success goals.

The ITA has two components. The first is a survey comprised of more than 30 questions for leaders and 100 questions for other university stakeholders that are intended to assess core institutional operating capacities related to student success. These core operating capacities are: leadership and culture, policy, institutional research, strategic finance, and information technology. The second component is a facilitated sense-making conversation with key stakeholders from the university to review results and develop actionable next steps.

PxP Meetings & Events Events

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Hosted Virtually through Zoom
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Hosted Virtually through Zoom

Project Highlights

  • Nearly 125 change-ready universities and state systems
  • 16 transformation clusters
  • 3 million undergraduates

Project Goals

  • Produce hundreds of thousands more graduates by 2025 with an emphasis on underrepresented minority, low-income, and first-generation students.
  • Cut in half the achievement gap by 2025 for underrepresented minority, low-income, and first-generation students while increasing access.
  • Share key data, learning, and effective practices to drive innovation and transformation across the higher education sector.


Four strategic priorities guide Powered by Publics work. They are:

  1. Taking explicit action to pursue educational equity for low-income, first-generation, and students of color.
  2. Committing to transparency by sharing data and monitoring progress toward equity goals.
  3. Developing common opportunities for cross-cluster learning, sharing, and collective action in the thematic areas of Affordability, Holistic Student Supports, and Teaching & Learning.
  4. APLU and its partners committing to invest in institutional capacity through grants and technical assistance.