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Public universities have invested more resources in educating students despite dramatic state funding cuts not fully offset by increases in tuition. An independent report published in 2015, found that overall four-year public universities have expended more resources educating students despite absorbing overall funding losses due to state budget cuts  not fully offset by tuition and fee revenue.  During the six year period of 2006-07 to 2012-13, after adjusting for inflation, four-year public universities experienced state funding cuts of $2,370 per student, while tuition and fee revenues increased by only $1,940 – a net loss of $430 per full-time student.  Over that same period of time, four-year public universities increased educational and related expenditures by $528 per full time student. For more, download How Did Revenue and Spending per Student Change at Four-Year Colleges and Universities Between 2006-07 and 2012-13?

Fact Sheet Sources:

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Q1: College Costs: How much do in-state students pay in tuition and fees to attend four-year public universities?

Q2: Student Debt:What is the typical debt load for graduates of four-year public universities?

Q3: How does a college degree improve graduates’ employment and earnings potential?

Q4: How do college graduates benefit society at large?

Q5: How does public university research and community engagement benefit society at large?

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