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Member Involvement

Regional Engagement Toolkit

Toolkit Developers

The following individuals contributed to the design and development of the toolkit:

Jeri Childers
Fellow, Center for Organizational and Technological Advancement, Virginia Tech

Dennis Campion
Associate Dean, University of Illinois Extension

Steve Dempsey
Associate Vice President of Public Service and Outreach, University of Georgia

Emily DeRocco
President, Manufacturing Institute and Senior Vice President, National Association of Manufacturers

Hi Fitzgerald
Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Michigan State University

Nancy Franklin
Director of Strategic Initiatives, Penn State University

Jeremy Forsberg
Assistant Vice President of Research, University of Texas Arlington

Sharon Fross
Vice Provost of Outreach, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Andy Furco
Associate Vice President for Public Engagement, University of Minnesota

Phil Greasley
Associate Provost of University Engagement, University of Kentucky

Scott Hutcheson
Senior Associate, Purdue Center for Regional Development, Purdue University

Jamie Juenemann
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Northeast Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships

Anne Kaplan
Vice President for Administration and University Outreach, Northern Illinois University

Rex LaMore
Director of the Center for Community and Economic Development, Michigan State University

Vic Lechtenberg
Special Assistant to the President and Director of the Center for Regional Development, Purdue University

Melanie Magara
Assistant to the Vice President of Outreach, Engagement, and Technologies, Northern Illinois University

William Miller
Director of Planning and Evaluation at University of Massachusetts

Tom Perorazio
Project Manager of the Institute for Research on Labor, Employment, and the Economy, University of Michigan

Geniphyr Ponce-Pore
Assistant Director of the Office of Community and Economic Development, Colorado State University

Joan Prince
Vice Chancellor of Partnerships and Innovation, University of  Wisconsin Milwaukee

Samory Pruitt
Vice President for Community Affairs, University of Alabama

Megan Raymond
Director of Academic Community Engagement, University of Virginia

Phil Saken
Program Director of the Office of the Senior Vice President for Outreach and Engagement, The Ohio State University

Eleanor Schiff
Associate Director, Office of Economice and Workforce Development, Penn State University

Fred Schlutt
Vice Provost for Extension and Outreach, University of Alaska

Ted Settle
Director of the Office of Economic Development, Virginia Tech

Terri Shelton
Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Okey Ukaga
Executive Director and Extension Professor, University of Minnesota

Candiss Vibbert
Assistant Vice President for Engagement, Purdue University

Craig Weidemann
Vice President for Outreach, Penn State University