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Title XII

Title XII is part of the foreign assistance legislation, which, in part, fosters the application of more effective agricultural sciences to the goal of increasing world food production and rural development and encourages the provision of increased and longer-term support for the application of science to solving food and nutrition problems of developing countries. The legislation, which is consistent with USAID's food security objectives, encourages the engagement of U.S. land grant and public universities and colleges in the Agency's efforts when appropriate to the demand. It is the Agency's policy that USAID must carry out Title XII, "Famine Prevention and Freedom from Hunger," of the Foreign Assistance Act of 196l, as amended, which states that the principles of the "land grant model" will be used for improving food production and agricultural development. Title XII activities must be carried out, insofar as possible and appropriate, by Title XII institutions, with any additional non-Title XII resources as may be needed, under sub-agreements. Missions must identify Title XII activities at an early stage in the development of a planned results framework.

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