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Projects & Initiatives

Award Winners

2019 Award Recipient
University of South Florida

The University of South Florida has embraced a holistic approach to campus internationalization. In 2014, the university launched its USF Education Abroad Inclusion Initiative to broaden participation in study abroad. Additionally, USF has robust international engagement through research and engagement, and has established an extensive assessment framework to monitor the university’s global footprint. Learn more about USF's internationalization efforts.


2018 Award Recipient
Florida State University

Florida State University is working to secure its place as a leader in internationalization. Offering study abroad opportunities in 60 disciplines at 20 locations across the globe, FSU ranks twelfth in the nation in study abroad participation. Learn more about FSU's internationalization efforts. 



2017 Award Recipient
University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is working to become a global intellectual hub through the international strategy it launched in 2013. Leveraging the four pillars of its international strategy – diversity, cross-cultural competencies, partnerships and international development – the University of Calgary made vital strides in internationalizing its campus. Learn more about the University of Calgary's internationalization efforts. 


2016 Inaugural Award Recipient
University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota established a wide-ranging internationalization effort that spans the entire institution – from international students and study abroad to research projects and curriculum design. Learn more about the University of Minnesota's internationalization efforts. 


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