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Recommendations: Continuous Improvement

Recommendation 18. The institution develops a continuous improvement system that provides feedback, reassessment, and on-going training and learning opportunities.

  • Tools for Recommendation 18
    • CSHEMA’s Safety Advancement Program
      Available at CSHEMA.
    • Self-assessment using CSHEMA's Safety Advancement Program can be done on an on-going basis for continuous improvement and reassessment.
    • Report of the Task Force for Advancing the Culture of Laboratory at Stanford University
      Available at Stanford University.
      Provides the interview guide that was used for the ethnographic studies of Stanford’s research personnel. The report also includes the culture of safety climate survey questions. These might be useful as assessment tools for other campuses.
  • Comparison of Recommendation 18 with other key resources
    • From Safe Science: Promoting a Culture of Safety in Academic Chemical Research (NRC, 2014):
      • Conclusion 4: There are several key attributes related to research group dynamics that contribute to the advancement of the laboratory safety culture. A strong, positive safety culture
        • Values learning and continuous improvement with respect to safety
    • From Creating a Safety Culture (OSHA, 1989):
      • On-going Support - Reinforcement, feedback, reassessment, mid-course corrections, and on-going training is vital to sustaining continuous improvement.

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