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Recommendations: Institution-Wide Dynamics and Resources

Recommendation 11. The institution works to strengthen collegial and collaborative relationships between faculty and EH&S staff.

Tools for Recommendation 11

  • Implementation strategies to build stronger relationships
    • Incorporate into the campus dialogue an expectation of partnership and support between EH&S and faculty.
    • Keep regular and open meetings between faculty and EH&S.
  • Comparison of Recommendation 11 with other key resources
    • Safe Science: Promoting a Culture of Safety in Academic Chemical Research (NRC, 2014):
      • Recommendation 5: Department chairs and principal investigators should make greater use of teams, groups, and other engagement strategies and institutional support organizations (e.g., environmental health and safety, facilities), to establish and promote a strong, positive, safety culture.
      • Recommendation 6: Department chairs should provide a mechanism for creating a robust safety collaboration between researchers, principal investigators, and environmental health and safety personnel.
    • Creating Safety Cultures in Academic Institutions (ACS, 2012):
      • Recommendation 14. Establish a close working relationship with EHS personnel at every departmental level, seeking their advice and experience in safety, and offering departmental and faculty advice to EHS based upon their experience and knowledge of chemistry.

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