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Recommendations: Institution-Wide Dynamics and Resources

Recommendation 5. The campus lead and leadership team clearly articulate the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders.

Tools for Recommendation 5

  • Recommendations from key reports on roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders
  • University examples of roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders for laboratory safety
  • Comparison of Recommendation 5 with other key resources
    • From Creating Safety Cultures in Academic Institutions (ACS, 2012)
      • Recommendation 1. Establish the lines of authority for safety; develop a safety policy that includes laboratory safety, and includes safety responsibilities in the job descriptions and performance plans of all employees.
    • From Creating a Safety Culture (OSHA, 1989)
      • Define specific roles and responsibilities for safety and health at all levels of the organization. Safety and health must be viewed as everyone's responsibility. How the organization is to deal with competing pressures and priorities (i.e., production, versus safety and health), needs to be clearly spelled out.

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