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Projects & Initiatives

Howard Gobstein
Aspire Director

Travis York, Ph.D.
IChange & Backbone Co-Lead

Kacy Redd, Ph.D.
Backbone Co-Lead

Jessica Bennett, Ph.D.
IChange Project Manager

Robin Parent, Ph.D.
Aspire Project Manager

Justine Joo
Project Associate


The APLU INCLUDES Team is comprised of higher education leaders with expertise across all parts of the higher education landscape.  In addition to its own knowledgeable staff, the team is joined by three esteemed faculty researchers: Kimberly Griffin, Lisa Lattuca, and Laura Perna (External Evaluator).  Travis York, Co-PI, serves as the project manager.

Principal Investigators

Howard Gobstein, Executive Vice President and Co-Project Director, Science & Mathematics Teaching Imperative, APLU

Alan Mabe, Chief Academic Officer and Vice President for Academic Affairs, APLU

Kacy Redd, Assistant Vice President, Science & Mathematics Education Policy, APLU

Travis T. York, Director of Student Success, Research, & Policy, APLU

Kimberly A. Griffin, Associate Professor, Higher Education, Student Affairs, and International Education Policy Program, University of Maryland

Other Senior Personnel

Lisa R. Lattuca, Professor, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, University of Michigan

Laura W. Perna (Evaluator), James S. Riepe Professor & Chair, Higher Education Division, and Executive Director, Penn AHEAD, University of Pennsylvania

Eugene Anderson, Vice President, Office of Access & Success, APLU