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Projects & Initiatives

Science and Mathematics Teaching Imperative

In 2008, APLU launched the Science and Mathematics Teaching Imperative (SMTI) in response to the National Academies’ recommendation in Rising Above the Gathering Storm (2006) to prepare 10,000 new science and mathematics teachers each year.  To join SMTI, the president of each higher education institution and system made a commitment to increase the quantity and quality and improve the diversity of secondary science and mathematics teachers prepared on their campus.
The current SMTI portfolio focuses on two projects: The Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership and the STEM Education Centers Network.

What is SMTI?

Lee T. Todd, Jr., former chair of the SMTI Executive Committee and former president of the University of Kentucky, discusses why producing more high-quality science and mathematics teachers is not just important for middle and high schools but is an essential component to ensure a robust economy.