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Projects & Initiatives

University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Showcase

APLU and the Association of American Universities co-organize an annual University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Showcase to highlight the role of federally-funded university research in fueling entrepreneurship, innovation and economic opportunity nationwide. University students, faculty, and their partners are active in a number of entrepreneurial efforts encompassing the widest range of science and engineering research disciplines. Through the Showcase, participating startups and their affiliated universities are recognized nationally for their exemplary work at the intersection of science, technology, and business. A special focus is given APLU Innovation & Economic Prosperity University designees, institutions that have demonstrated a meaningful, substantial, and sustainable commitment to economic development (learn more below).


At APLU, the showcase is co-facilitated through the Council on Governmental Affairs (CGA) and Commission on Economic and Community Engagement (CECE). Questions regarding the showcase may be addressed to Shalin Jyotishi with APLU or Jessica Sebeok with AAU.

Engage with us on Twitter @APLU_GovAffairs, @APLUEngagement and @AAUniversities using #ResearchtoStartup

  • Past University I&E Showcase Participants

  • Earn the Innovation & Economic Prosperity (IEP) University Designation

    Institutions that have earned APLU's Innovation & Economic Prosperity (IEP) University designation are given priority during the showcase selection process. APLU established the IEP University designation to provide recognition to institutions of higher education that have demonstrated a substantive, sustainable, and institutional-level commitment to economic development and engagement. The program also helps institutions codify, elevate, and advance their campus enterprise promoting economic engagement. Designees continue to engage in a national community of practice and represent a subset of universities that are prioritizing maximizing their impact on the economy and society.

    Any higher education institution may pursue the designation. Questions may be addressed to APLU's Shalin Jyotishi.