APLU CECE Executive Committee

As the premier forum for economic and community engagement in higher education, APLU’s Commission on Economic and Community Engagement is guided by an Executive Committee comprised of senior university economic and community engagement leaders as well as presidents, provosts, vice-presidents for research, Cooperative Extension directors, and other senior administrators from APLU member institutions all across North America.

Executive Committee members doers in the Commission. They develop and lead member-led projects while working with APLU to help shape the direction of the Commission and advise around funded research and initiatives. The Executive Committee helps APLU shape the agenda for the CECE Summer Meeting and CECE’s meeting track at the APLU Annual Meeting. As outlined in CECE’s operational guidelines, the Executive Committee is led by a presidential chair and two vice-chairs for economic and community engagement. CECE’s chair and a vice-chair serve on the APLU Board of Directors during their tenure. Executive Committee members serve a three-year term.

Executive Committee Officers

CECE Chair
Stony Brook University
CECE Vice-Chair for 
Community Engagement
East Carolina University
Rod McSherry
CECE Vice-Chair for 
Economic Engagement
University of Texas at San Antonio

Executive Committee Members

Cours headshot
California State University
Rebecca Faison
Prairie View A&M University
University of Nevada
University of Texas at Austin
Sandra Marin Ruiz
Florida Atlantic University
Alabama A&M University
William Metcalf
University of Louisville
Wichita State University
Alison Davis
Alison Davis
University of Kentucky
Rod McSherry
Rod McSherry
University of Texas at
San Antonio
UNC Greensboro
Ashley M. Stokes
University of Tennessee
University of Missouri
Michigan State University
Rena Cotsones
Northern Illinois University
Ahmad Ezzeddine
Wayne State University
Michael Gaffney
Washington State University
East Carolina University
University of California,
San Diego
Cornell University
Peter Dorhout
CoR Liaison
Iowa State University
Megan Francis
Megan Francis
CII Liaison
Rutgers University
Ryan Piurek
Ryan Piurek
CSC Liaison
Indiana University
Joe B. Whitehead
CAA Liaison
Bowling Green State
Carlos Cecerra
Carlos A. Becerra
CGA Liaison
Florida International