Our Work

Driving Equitable Student Success

A core mission of public universities is to provide students from all different backgrounds access to a high-quality, affordable education, help those students obtain a degree, and ultimately work to ensure graduates are prepared for a lifetime of learning.

Photo Courtesy of University of Missouri

Achieving University Transformation & Systemic Change

To advance equity and college completion, APLU is working with members to transform practices and align and scale successful strategies from the association’s many projects and initiatives.

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Removing Affordability Barriers

While public universities continue to provide the most affordable path to a quality higher education, steep cuts in state funding have placed a greater burden on students to pay for college. APLU is working with members to ensure public universities remain affordable for all students.

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Reimagining Teaching to Maximize Student Learning

APLU is partnering with members to reimagine and improve teaching so students are prepared for a lifetime of learning. This work is aimed at scaling best practices across all types of public institutions.

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Providing Holistic Support & Ensuring Basic Student Needs

APLU institutions are working to test and scale interventions that meet students’ basic needs beyond the classroom. These supports are often aimed at students who are low-income, minoritized, or first-generation.

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Preparing Students for the Workforce & Post-Collegiate Success

Public universities are helping students build skills they need for long lasting careers in today’s evolving workplace. Meeting learner and workforce needs requires partnerships with employers, community colleges, workforce boards, and others. 

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Using Data to Improve Student Success

Institutions’ use of more sophisticated data comes at a time when student bodies are continuing to evolve. Public universities are turning data into actionable information and tools to improve student decisions and outcomes.

Highlighted Student Success Initiatives

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Powered by Publics

PxP brings together 125 institutions to increase college access, student success, and graduation. The initiative is the largest-ever collaborative effort to improve outcomes through innovations in affordability, teaching and learning, and holistic student supports.

Double Pell Badge


The Pell Grant is the nation’s foundational investment in higher education, serving
seven million students annually. Doubling the maximum Pell Grant will help more students earn a degree, get a good-paying job, and increase economic mobility.

Photo Courtesy of University of Missouri

Aspire: The National Alliance for Inclusive & Diverse STEM Faculty

APLU and the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning at the University of Wisconsin are leading a NSF-funded collaborative effort to diversify STEM faculty and ensure all STEM faculty use inclusive teaching practices.