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Policy & Advocacy

Policy & Advocacy

APLU and its Council on Governmental Affairs (CGA) along with the Council on Strategic Communications (CSC) work closely with fellow higher education groups, the business community, scientific organizations, and others on a range of issues and causes.  A core focus of our effort involves drawing on the collective strength of our member institutions to effectively advocate for federal policies and funding levels that support and enhance the work of public research universities.

White House Budget
APLU monitors federal agency and program budgets of relevance to the higher education and scientific research community. In addition, APLU closely follows the congressional appropriations process.
Coronavirus Image Courtesy of the CDC
APLU staff are closely monitoring the federal response to the coronavirus, and working with Congressional leaders, agency officials, and the higher education community to understand the needs of our members and develop policy solutions. 
University of Wisconsin Madison
APLU and our members work to ensure strong funding for federal financial aid programs.  Together we engage federal policymakers as they work to update and revise higher education and student aid legislation and regulations.
University of Akron
APLU promotes research and science policy issues important to our member institutions, particularly strong investments in research funding to ensure the U.S. remains the global innovation leader. Our work also includes bolstering support for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.
University of Arkansas
APLU advocates for agricultural research, extension, and education funding, as well as university priorities within the Farm Bill. Staff also track federal legislation and administration activities relevant to atmospheric, climate, ecological, forestry, fish & wildlife, oceanic, rangeland management, and water sciences.
North Carolina State University
Technology transfer and intellectual property issues are of critical importance to APLU institutions. It is essential that public policy encourages innovation on our campuses by creating incentives for technological discovery and the translation of good ideas to full development and commercialization.
Temple University Student Center
APLU drives an agenda to support the international work of public research universities, including engagement in international development, internationalization of curriculum and campuses, including study abroad, and the development of globally competent students.
Tax and finance-related policy issues broadly impact public universities. APLU advocates on a number of issues important to our members, including tax benefits that make higher education more affordable for students and families, incentives to promote charitable giving to institutions, and policies that impact universities as both tax-exempt entities and employers.