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Courtesy of the University of Louisville
Levi Shanks, Ph.D.
Director, Academic and Student Affairs
Sarah Bartlome
Senior Associate, Student Affairs

Student Affairs

The Council on Student Affairs (CSA) is composed of the senior student affairs officers (SSAOs) who serve as the chief university executive of the co-curricula. Although their professional portfolios vary, these administrators commonly oversee housing and residence life, student conduct, Greek life, and student activities.  The Council provides forums for discussion and dissemination of information on issues related to the college student experience: co-curricular opportunities; personal and professional growth; learning, progress, and completion; mental and physical health and wellness; and/or fundamental needs such as housing, financial aid, transportation, and/or food. The CSA advocates within APLU and works cooperatively with other Councils and Commissions to enhance institutional effectiveness and the student experience in these areas.

The CSA provides a professional learning community for SSAOs to convene, learn, and discuss:

  1. Trends in higher education 
  2.  Funding patterns and budget strategies 
  3. Innovations in the co-curriculum   
  4. Partnerships with Faculty Affairs 
  5. Student affairs research and publications  
  6. Service and engagement with other sectors

The Council on Student Affairs also advises the Council of Presidents and the APLU Board of Directors regarding association priorities and agendas in these areas. The Council's work is governed by the Executive Committee and APLU's Director of Academic and Student Affairs and Chief Academic Officer, Levi Shanks, who acts as a liaison between the CSA and APLU. In addition to the Executive Committee, CSA offers several committees [LINK] for interested SSAOs to get involved in on-going conversations relevant to the field. The Director and his staff assist the CSA Chair and the Executive Committee in conducting the business of the CSA and serves as the chief point of contact for any CSA member.


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