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One Minute Solution to Show Your University is Committed to Greater Transparency – Sign Up for the Student Achievement Measure

In light of the Obama administration’s proposal to develop an array of accountability measures, including the creation of a new rating system, APLU strongly encourages all of its members to sign up for the Student Achievement Measure (SAM).

Signing up for SAM literally takes one minute (subsequently posting the data takes more time) and is an easy way for your university to publicly demonstrate its commitment to greater accountability and transparency.

SAM is a joint effort by APLU and the five other presidential associations to enhance transparency and provide the public with a more comprehensive measure of college student progress and completion than ever before. The SAM metric will allow universities to deliver a more complete picture of student progress along the path to earning a college degree or certificate because it captures student movement across institutions. The SAM project is a voluntary collaboration that provides a common tool for different types of nonprofit institutions—public and private, colleges, universities, and community colleges.

APLU members are urged to encourage your institutions to participate by signing up today. For additional information, please check out SAM Executive Director Christine Keller’s presentation from the APLU annual meeting.

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