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Warning Students, Parents on the Dangers of the Drug Molly

Teresa Sullivan, president of the University of Virginia, is launching a campaign to urge higher education leaders to call attention to the dangers of the drug known as Molly. U.Va. produced two educational videos aimed at helping students and parents talk about the drug. APLU members are encouraged to use the videos to spread the message on their campuses.

In a letter to APLU President Peter McPherson, Sullivan wrote:

“A promising young UVa student named Shelley Goldsmith died recently after taking “Molly,” the slang term for the drug known as Ecstasy or MDMA, at a concert in Washington, D.C. The deaths of other young people around the country have been attributed to this drug in recent months.

“Molly is a serious threat to our college students, and probably also to younger students. To raise awareness of the risks associated with this drug, we have created two educational videos, one tailored to students and another for parents. Dr. Chris Holstege, Executive Director of UVa Student Health and a noted toxicology expert, developed these videos. I hope you will consider sharing them with students, parents, and others at your institution.”

  • Council on Student Affairs

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