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2014 APLU Annual Report Now Available

The 2014 APLU Annual Report is now available for download

APLU worked hard to fight for increases in federal research and education funding to help close the innovation deficit; begin new initiatives, expand on existing efforts, and strengthen partnerships to Project Degree Completion; advance the Student Achievement Measure to better track student progress and completion; develop a strong policy initiative to increase institutional accountability; disseminate new metrics and guidelines for economic engagement activities; launch the Personalized Learning Consortium; author a science, education, and outreach roadmap for natural resources; advance our Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership; develop a pathway for the advancement of higher education in Africa; and address a whole range of other projects and initiatives. And 2014 was also the year we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act, which authorized Cooperative Extension.

  • Access & Diversity
  • Accountability & Transparency
  • Agriculture, Human Sciences & Natural Resources
  • Coalition of Urban Serving Universities
  • College Costs, Tuition & Financial Aid
  • Commission on Access, Diversity, & Excellence
  • Commission on Food, Environment, & Renewable Resources
  • Commission on Information, Measurement, & Analysis
  • Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness, & Economic Prosperity
  • Commission on International Initiatives
  • Council of 1890 Universities
  • Council of Presidents
  • Council of Presidents' & Chancellors' Spouse/Partners
  • Council on Academic Affairs
  • Council on Business Affairs
  • Council on Engagement & Outreach
  • Council on Governmental Affairs
  • Council on Strategic Communications
  • Council on Student Affairs
  • Degree Completion & Student Success
  • Economic Development & Community Engagement
  • International Programs
  • Learning Technology
  • Research, Science & Technology
  • Science & Mathematics Teacher Imperative
  • STEM Education
  • Urban Initiatives

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