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SHARE Launches Beta of SHARE Notify for Informing Stakeholders When Research Is Released

Stakeholders in the research enterprise—funding agencies, institutions, and individual researchers—often find it challenging to keep track of new research activities that may be relevant to their work. To make research more widely accessible, discoverable, and reusable, SHARE is launching today a public beta version of its free notification service, SHARE Notify.

SHARE Notify is the first project of SHARE, a higher education initiative to maximize research impact, led by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). SHARE was co-founded by the ARL, the Association of American Universities (AAU), and APLU in 2013 and is funded, in part, by grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The Center for Open Science (COS) has been SHARE’s technical partner since June 2014.

SHARE Notify generates a normalized feed of research release events—such as posting a preprint to a disciplinary repository, depositing a data set into a data repository, publishing a peer-reviewed article—from diverse sources and with varied schema. This service will enable all stakeholders to have the information necessary to improve their workflows for tracking research outcomes, outputs, and impact. SHARE Notify currently includes metadata from 30 providers and more than 615,000 release events.

“SHARE Notify is an important first step toward making university research outcomes much more readily discoverable and accessible in real time,” APLU president Peter McPherson and AAU president Hunter Rawlings said in a joint statement. “The research conducted at universities across the country stands to be better coordinated through the easier and greater public access that SHARE Notify allows. Developing a tool such as SHARE Notify is particularly important for government-sponsored research, but it is important for all research because it will promote our ability to make advances built on previous discoveries.”

For more information, visit the SHARE website.

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