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2018 International Research Conference at UC Davis

UC Davis Global Affairs is hosting the 2018 International Research Conference at UC Davis, Innovation Within Changing Political and Research Environments, on Sept. 17-18, 2018.

Given the rapidly changing environments within which international research is conducted, new strategies and practices—ones that are collaborative, transnational, interdisciplinary, provide new knowledge and address global challenges—are more critical than ever.

The 2018 International Research Conference at UC Davis will bring together researchers and leaders from academia, industry, and private and public funding agencies from around the world to discuss:

• The changing political environment and its impact on international research

• The increasing importance of networks and consortia in advancing international research

• The role of interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research in solving global challenges

• Educating the next generation of international researchers

Speakers representing Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and North America will speak on topics ranging from emerging funding trends and evaluating the impact of international research to knowledge sharing between university and industry partners and strategies universities are developing to educate the next generation of researchers.

Global Affairs also is accepting abstracts for graduate student poster presentations to be included in the conference. The deadline for abstract submission is June 30.

Learn more and register.

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