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UNC System on UNC-Wilmington and Supporting Students Affected by Hurricane Florence

By Kimberly van Noort

All University of North Carolina System universities have been impacted by Hurricane Florence, some more than others, as both directly impacted sites and as assisting campuses. We thank the larger APLU community for their concern and offers of assistance. At present we anticipate that our most affected campuses – UNC Pembroke and UNC Wilmington – will be able to open late next week if roads continue to be opened and flooding recedes.

Both campuses have well-developed plans for addressing the interruption on the academic side. UNC Wilmington is the hardest hit, with damage to many of its buildings and severe shortages of electricity, fuel, and food. UNC Pembroke is dealing with record flooding in its region, just two years after Hurricane Matthew caused a similar situation in one of the neediest regions in North Carolina. We have a dedicated system website with more information on the impact of the storm.

UNC Pembroke and UNC Wilmington have both started emergency relief funds for their students, which can be reached via the hyperlinks to each campus.
Kimberly van Noort is Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer at the University of North Carolina System.

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