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Apply for APLU’s Innovation & Economic Prosperity Universities Program

Institutions can apply to receive the APLU Innovation & Economic Prosperity Universities designation, which recognizes institution-wide, sustainable, and substantive commitment to holistic economic and community engagement. To join, presidents/chancellors must submit a letter of intent to APLU President Peter McPherson by October 31.

The designation process centers on three aspects economic and community engagement: talent and workforce development; innovation entrepreneurship, and technology-based development; and place development through public service, outreach, and community engagement.

Designees complete a rigorous self-study process with internal and external stakeholders to identify their institution’s strengths and areas of growth and improvement in economic and community engagement. Institutions complete the IEP process together as a collaborative community—sharing and learning from other aspirants, current designees, national subject matter experts, and APLU staff.

Steps to apply for the IEP Designation:

  1. Visit www.APLU.org/IEP to learn more about the IEP Universities Program;
  2. Contact Shalin Jyotishi and Alvi Escobar to set up a call to discuss questions and your; institution’s objectives for participation, and to obtain the letter of intent template;
  3. Work with your Presidents/chancellor’s office to identify two administrators to serve as IEP Campus Contacts who will co-lead your IEP campus team;
  4. Submit letter of intent by October 31;
  5. Recommended: Attend IEP-related sessions at the 2019 APLU Annual Meeting in San Diego.

Since 2013, over 65 universities have earned this distinction and strengthened their institution’s economic and community engagement enterprise through the IEP process. Nearly twenty other institutions are currently pursuing the IEP designation.

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