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Powered by Publics Survey on Proactive Advising; Submit Responses by April 7

The APLU Powered by Publics Metropolitan Cluster is inviting fellow Powered by Publics-participating institutions to share their thoughts on proactive advising as a student success strategy via a survey. Those who complete the survey are then eligible to participate in a free, virtual workshop on Building Financial Confidence in Students through Coaching-Based Advising (Thursday, May 13, 1:00- 3:00 pm Eastern).

Individuals who complete the Proactive Advising survey will receive an invitation to participate in this workshop hosted by Dr. Kathleen Shea Smith. As a community invested in supporting students through proactive advising, advisors and advising administrators are very familiar with the wide range of concerns facing undergraduates, including the financial stresses related to pursuing a college degree. While concerns around financial aid, working, and paying for college are common among undergraduates, comfort in discussing these concerns in advising can vary from student to student or from advisor to advisor. Dr. Kathleen Shea Smith believes that powerful advising conversations must address the whole student experience, including financial well-being.

If you would like to gain comfort and skill in holding coaching-based conversations around finances with your advisees, you won’t want to miss this free, virtual workshop. The workshop will introduce participants to the concepts, attitudes, and strategies they can utilize in their daily work to help students balance their competing priorities, remain resilient in the face of challenges, and gain financial confidence on their path to completing a degree.

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