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APLU Releases Study on Data Analytics Use and Challenges on Campus

Image of Report coverAPLU’s Commission on Information, Measurement and Analysis (CIMA) this week released a study, Data Analytics: Uses, Challenges, and Best Practices at Public Research Universities, examining the landscape of data analytics at public 4-year institutions to focus on addressing challenges to campus leaders who want to use data effectively to improve student success.

The study identifies challenges institutions face in creating an evidence-informed culture and using data analytics to better support students. By identifying common challenges, we can work together to develop strategies for overcoming these challenges to help institutions reach their goals of enhancing data use and improving student success.

The study explored several major themes:

  • Infrastructure related to the access to and the integration of various data systems
  • Data issues focused on data quality and a common understanding of the data
  • Culture around transparency, the timing of getting actionable data, and data literacy
  • Resources needed for robust analytical tools, data quality, and comprehensive training
  • Ethical considerations embedded in predictive analyses
  • Commission on Information, Measurement, & Analysis

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