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APLU Analysis of the FY2022 President’s Budget Request

Last Friday, the White House unveiled its long-awaited FY2022 President’s Budget Request (PBR) to Congress. Totaling approximately $6 trillion dollars, the PBR allocates $1.5 trillion for discretionary spending at federal agencies in FY2022, including $769 billion for nondefense programs (16 percent above FY2021) and $753 billion for defense spending (1.7 percent above FY2021). The PBR also contains the previously proposed $2.3 trillion and $1.8 trillion for the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan, respectively. The PBR notes that the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan together will be funded over 15 years.

APLU developed a detailed analysis of the PBR, including funding levels and policy language for programs of interest to APLU institutions at various agencies. The high level of nondefense discretionary spending the administration the administration proposed allows for significant increases in many programs that are priorities for APLU and our members.

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