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Executive Director’s Note

By Julia Michaels

When APLU launched Powered by Publics in 2018, we could not have foreseen the challenges that lay ahead for your institutions and your students. This month we acknowledge the grim two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder and recognize how little has changed. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues in Buffalo, NY, as they grapple with the aftermath of another racially motivated attack. We know that many of your students are struggling to meet their basic needs as prices rise and disruptions from the pandemic continue. The need for change has only grown more urgent.

That’s why we are grateful to you, our members, for continuing to work together during this challenging period and remaining steadfastly committed to change. Over the past four years, you’ve met in your clusters to learn from each other, solve common problems and – of course – commiserate when the going got tough. The clusters have become community spaces for many of you. We hope we hope to continue providing valuable opportunities to connect around student success in the coming years.

We’re excited to share what we’ve accomplished together and engage you in visioning for the future. That’s why at our Fall convening (November 5, 2022, in Denver, CO) we’re inviting each cluster to:

  • Showcase their work over the past four years, sharing key outcomes
  • Reflect on learning and identify ways in which Powered by Publics has impacted your institution
  • Identify areas that need additional attention moving forward

As we begin planning for the next phase of Powered by Publics starting in 2023, we want to hear about your priorities and critical topics that you’d like to work on with colleagues to achieve more equitable student outcomes, increase degree completion, and address other areas of need.

This fall, APLU will also welcome a new president, Dr. Mark Becker, who brings a great deal of experience in advancing equity and student success. We look forward to his leadership, and your partnership, on shaping our network’s future direction.

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