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APLU Annual Meeting Sponsor: Knack: How the University of New Hampshire Scaled Peer Support for 430+ Unique Courses

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Finding a solution that supports all undergraduates is difficult. Finding a solution that supports all undergraduates while also being cost-efficient? Unimaginable.

Undeterred, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and their student community found a scalable solution that scaled the high-impact practice of peer tutoring to all Durham campus undergraduate populations.

By partnering with Knack, UNH was able to achieve the following results, all without adding staff overhead:

  • 433 courses covered
  • 413% increase in program participants
  • 100% tutoring session satisfaction rate

“Knack has helped us strengthen the peer learning community on campus and cater to the varied needs of our student population. Our tutoring programs facilitate the many ways our students learn and offer more personalized, accessible support at scale.” – Dr. Kate Ziemer, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at UNH

Find out how your campus can foster an efficient and engaging peer tutoring community by reading about UNH’s success story here.

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